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Keep learning and have fun with these Worksheets which accompany the Magical Irish Landscape!

Based on the Irish primary school curriculum and created by my very resourceful sister, primary school teacher Miriam Kingston - many thanks to her for these imaginative exercises!

You can download the age-appropriate activity sheets for free below.

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The Magical Irish Landscape invites you to enter an intriguing and educational experience – and to share it easily with your friends and family, at home and abroad!

It is a re-invention of the Myriorama, which was a popular childhood game in the 19th century. The Myriorama allowed children to create different imaginary landscapes, using the same cards in a variety of sequences. Our landscape is based on real archaeological and historical sites as well as other aspects of the Irish landscape, such as fishing or playing music in a traditional Irish pub.

The cards are drawn in such a way that any card can be placed beside any other. In whichever order the cards of the Magical Irish Landscape are placed side by side, it is possible to create a never-ending panorama filled with the history and magic of the Irish countryside. On the back of each card you will find information, making this a fun and easy way to absorb historical and geographical knowledge.

While the original Myriorama cards were small, we have chosen to make ours postcard size. This gives you the option of sending the postcards as individual scenes if you so wish, or to send them one by one over time. If you are a tourist, it allows you to share your experience of travelling around Ireland in a fun and tangible way. If you are a grandparent, aunt or uncle, with a beloved grandchild/ niece or nephew living abroad - post a card every couple of weeks so the child can have the enjoyment of collecting the whole set and staying in touch with home!

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We are introducing the Magical Irish Landscape with Set 1 which consists of 6 postcards. Three of the cards : Newgrange (3,200 B.C.) The Rock of Cashel (1101 A.D) and Blarney Castle (1446 A.D.) represent some of the most visited historical sites in Ireland and also introduce a timeline of a neolithic site, a mediaeval monastic site and a typical 15th century Norman style tower house. Ireland's beautiful coastline and fishing tradition, its lakes and its pubs are also represented.  We are currently working on Set 2, which will give you six more scenes to add to the magic!

The idea comes from Sara Jane Kingston, a former tour-guide, who became aware during her travels with groups around Ireland of the need for a product which would be both educational and fun for children and adults alike. Light and easy to carry home or post for the tourist, it can also act as an educational tool for Irish children, both at home and in the classroom.

The beautifully executed drawings are by graphic artist Hélène Byrne. Enjoy looking at the cards over and over again and finding new details in the enchanting world she has created!  

For more beautiful Irish products created by Sara Jane and Hélène please visit


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